Parent and teen talking

Starting A Conversation Is Why We Talk

Whether it’s peer pressure, curiosity, rebellion, coping mechanisms, or a combination of things, parents in Wyoming are faced with tough situations and even tougher conversations in regards to drinking, vaping, substance use, and suicide prevention among our youth. As parents, we want to know why these behaviors and activities happen, what our options are, and what we can do to help. If it’s hard to talk about, it’s definitely a conversation worth having, and we’re here to help get it started. This is WYWETALK.

Tips & How To Talk To Your Child

Tips & How To Talk To Your Child

Right Time And Place
Start The Conversation
Listen Actively
Be Honest

Where To Start

Now that you know the basics of having awesome conversations, it’s time to spot the warning signs that your child might be giving off, indicating that it’s time to step in and start a chat. We always suggest being proactive rather than reactive.

Topic Specific Tips

Helpful Resources

If, through your conversation, you find your child needs additional resources, use the regional map to find assistance in your area or utilize one of the resources below:

  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: If you are in an immediate crisis, dial 988. This lifeline operates 24/7.
  • Crisis Text Line: The Crisis Text Line can be reached by texting HOME to 741741. This text line offers support via text message communication. 
  • Wyoming 2-11: Wyoming 211 is a free helpline that connects individuals to community resources and services, including mental health support. By dialing 211, individuals can access information and referrals for mental health providers, counseling services, support groups, and more.

Find Local Help

Resource Map

Prevention Specialist: Kendra Safford

Prevention Specialist: Andrew Tarrell

Prevention Specialist: Brittany Wardle and Angela Vaughn

Prevention Specialist: Brittany Ritter

Anne Petroski

The Comprehensive Community Coalition

Prevention Specialist: Lynette Saucedo

Prevention Specialist: Trisha Scott

Prevention Specialist: Tauna Groomsmith

Community Prevention Coalition of Teton County

Prevention Specialist: Beverly Shore

Prevention Specialist: Jennifer Cheney

Campbell County Prevention Council:

Campbell County Suicide Prevention Coalition:

Prevention Specialist:

21 Alliance Prevention Coalition

Prevention Specialist: Kristi Lipp

Healthy Park County

Prevention Specialist: Wendy Morris

Big Horn County Prevention Alliance

Prevention Specialist: Travis Sylvester

Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention of Sheridan County

Sheridan County Suicide Prevention Coalition

Prevention Specialist: Ann Perkins